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Dale Drills Latest Innovations

Our Mounted Tine Drill (MTD) now offers a split tank feature, enabling the simultaneous sowing of two different seeds or products. Equipped with narrow coulters, the tines seamlessly blend the two products as they penetrate the soil. The 1500-litre hopper, divided evenly, integrates two Accord seed metering units, managed through an RDS Isocan control system.

Available in working widths ranging from 3-8m, with row spacing options of 12.5, 16.6, 18.75, 20, or 25cm, the MTD addresses the growing demand among farmers to diversify their seeding methods.

James Dale remarks, “We have observed an uptick in farmers seeking to incorporate multiple seeds or products with the drill. This split hopper feature, a novelty for mounted tine drills, provides farmers with considerable versatility at a competitive price point.”

Additionally, Dale Drills’ premier Eco Drill range has undergone enhancements. Among the upgrades is a rubber semi-pneumatic press wheel, specially designed for customers utilizing the 10″ row spacing configuration. This press wheel effectively compacts soil around the seed, utilizing its flexible rubber material and scraper to prevent soil adherence.

Additionally, a sturdier linkage system ensures precise inter-row hoeing, maintaining consistent row spacing for optimal planting.

Moreover, farmers can now optimize soil coverage with the incorporation of a pair of Guttler rings affixed to a tandem axle. Strategically angled, the Guttlers redistribute soil over the seeded row, compacting it efficiently around the seed for improved growth conditions.