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Crop establishment made

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The Future Of Farming Technology

As GPS systems become a mainstay of modern agriculture, our drills have adapted to incorporate this technology and offer farmers the benefits. We fit the best in electronic control systems from RDS Topcon Technologies to ensure that whatever level of technology our customers want to utilise, the drills will be able to provide it.

A growing number of our customers are including Isobus connections with their drills in order to benefit from the GPS capabilities of their tractors.

We have helped a number of customers incorporate automatic section control into their drills, reducing the amount of overlap and therefore seed used, whilst also reducing the workload on the operator.

We are also supplying a number of machines with Variable Rate drilling capabilities, either via an Isobus connection or through the drills own control box. Customers practicing Variable Rate drilling have reported more even establishment along with a reduction in the amount of seed used.

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